Where's Me Baby?!

We recently took part in a 48 hour game jam, and created this game called " Wheres Me Baby ?! ". If everyone could click the link and vote for the game we'd highly appreciate it :))


In this game you will play as both a lost baby, enjoying life carelessly and joyfully going on an adventure, and the baby's incredibly stressed and freaked out mother. As the baby, go collect snacks and junk food for points, as the mother, find the clues and get yo baby back! This game was made in 48 hours in a game jam.

To Play

WSAD (up, down, left, right)

(Mobile Version Coming Soon.)


Level Design & Programming - Chloe Mooney

Programming - Brian Duffy

UI and Sprites - Eoin Lenord

Asset Gathering - Tom Dunbar

We used, Mixamo and Turbo Squid for Animations and Models

  • Your own game: The game must be based on life experience, by at least one member of the group; A life-changing event, a mention to a game which he masters, to sum up, something very singular, that only he could make.
  • Rashomon: the game must include the same events in multiple characters' perspectives.



Wheresmebaby.zip 240 MB
Aug 10, 2019

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